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Travelling by coach, train, plane or car?

It all depends on where you are going and your budget!

For short distance journeys e.g. Edinburgh to Glasgow (approx. 42 miles/67 kms) the choice will be between travelling by coach, train or driving.

Coaches and trains will take you from city centre to city centre and will take around 1hour 10 by coach (depending on traffic conditions) and 1 hour by train. Coaches offer very cheap fares but both are reliable and in the end convenient and good value for money.

If you are using your car, then of course it depends on where in Edinburgh you are travelling from and more importantly at what time of the day. Between the three options, commuting to Glasgow using your own car is not a runner and it's not cheap either, especially if you're stuck on the M8.

If you are thinking of long distances journeys e.g. Edinburgh to London then trains and coaches might be the winners and they certainly offer cheap fares:

• ADVANCED train tickets can cost as low as £43 for a return ticket which is extremely good value for money considering that there are 413 miles/665 kms between the two capitals

• the journey takes around 4 ½ hours and is from city centre to city centre

• you are sitting comfortably and can walk if you want to

• once in London you have an excellent transport hub including the tube, buses, taxis and trains to take you anywhere in/outside the capital. 

Coaches are definetely an option to consider providing you are in no rush (Edinburgh - London takes around 10 hours). The "coaches" section will give you a good idea of what to expect but if you are travelling on a budget then you won't find a better ideal anywhere else.

If you decide to travel by coach between the 2 capitals you could get a return ticket for under £15. 

Flying between Edinburgh and London is of course quicker, 1hour 30 min, but then keep in mind that once arrived in London airports (Gatwick, Heathrow) or Luton and Stansted, it will take roughly 1 hour to travel to the capital by train or coach and you also need to allow time for check-in.

Check our Flights to Edinburgh page for more information about bmi regional which offers an excellent service from/to Edinburgh.

In the end, the journey is likely to be at least as long as the one made by train…and be more tiring…and less comfortable...and more expensive!

Pricewise, a return flight ticket between Edinburgh and London Gatwick can cost as low as £50 but of course, depending on the airline there might be a supplement for your extra luggage, insurance, etc.

gold-star.png practical-info.png When you travel by train from Edinburgh to London try to book your seat on the left side if you can and then on the right side from London to Edinburgh to enjoy superb coastal views when you cross the Scottish Borders.

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