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Brush up your French

February 21, 2014 at 1:19 PM

We are very excited to introduce French tuitions as part of the range of professional services we offer. See more here.

The session is informal, lasts for 1 hour and takes place around a cuppa in one of Edinburgh's Costa, Starbucks or Waterstones.

The whole idea is to help you boost your confidence in a real life situation to have proper conversations in French, using every day vocabulary and grammar. It has become very clear to us from your suggestions and comments that many of you who did French at school never really practised it since. Years later you've decided to improve your French for a variety of reasons for example before going on holidays in la belle France or, as we've often heard, you are actually back from France but the French you learned at school was barely enough to get by. After all who needs to know that le singe est dans l'arbre...!? 

Other reasons often include business trips or receiving French speaking clients in Scotland and the desire to make a good impression on them.

The tuitor is French and has been working in Scotland with CEOs, elected members, students, schools, media and the public at large for over 14 years so needless to say that communicating, exchanging and discussing ideas, etc at various levels in a formal and informal way is very much a second nature.

The conversation is informal and tailored to suit your needs and requirements depending on your objectives: holiday trip, business conference, etc. You can choose a particular topic to focus on a specific vocabulary, for example French politics, new social trends or about the place you’re about to visit, the local traditions, French food & wines, etc. 

Sessions can be 1:1 or in a group of 5 people maximum.

If you have decided that now is time to brush up your French then do use the contact form to let us know why improving your French is important to you. For more information have a look at the professional services page.

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