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ecossedirect is taking off

April 21, 2013 at 5:09 PM

That's right we are taking off, thanks to bmi regional. It all started when we got in touch with the airline to say, hey!, you fly from/to Edinburgh?, good, because we happen to be the website on the internet where folks can find loads of useful information about the city (not in such words but you know what we mean).

People at bmi then did take the time to go onto ecossedirect and they must have really liked what they found because that's what bmi regional says about ecossedirect: "Visit ecossedirect for information on Edinburgh: Ecossedirect is an information and relocation website for anyone visiting Edinburgh or even relocating permanently. The website contains lots of useful information including reviews of hotels and restaurants as well as useful information such as how to open a bank account, where to buy bus tickets from as well as information on local attractions.

The website is unique in that it comes from a personal experience of coming to a new country and not knowing too much information about it. This allows visitors to the website to relate to that personal experience. The site is intended to be a one stop shop where you can find lots of different types of information about Edinburgh in one place"


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