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Independent Scotland?

February 10, 2012 at 9:31 PM

Will Scotland become independent from the rest of the UK? Should it? Here's the hot topic at the moment with a referendum that could be held in autumn 2014.

There is more to it than a simple yae or nae. One example, the current Scottish Government (SNP) is opposed to Trident - Britain's nuclear weapons system made up of 4 submarines based at the Faslane naval base - but this is a "reserved matter" i.e. Westminster decides on this, not Scotland. An independent Scotland with a SNP government would most certainly see the end of Trident on Scottish soil. The question is, would Scotland be "forced" to put its hands deep in its pockets to bear the cost of relocation? This has been argued by London. On that point, would then there be a Scottish military?

Tell us what your views are on Scottish independence, would it be good for the country but not for you?


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