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My latest John Lewis Experience

May 19, 2014 at 9:57 PM

I am often asked by people who are new to Scotland to recommend a good department store. Truth be told, Edinburgh has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. Jenners, BHS, House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, M&S. They're all good! But then they tell me "where can I find ready made curtains" (easy)... a parasol (still easy)... a saucepan set (come on!)... a sofa I can design myself (ok, didn't see that one coming)...a garden pod. A garden pod!?

Of course, everything has to be under the same roof and affordable. I'm ready for a challenge...except it's not.

To be honest, my answer is pretty much always the same: "if I were you, I'd try John Lewis".  Why do I like them? Because their staff are genuinely great, they know their stuff and they offer good advice. The products are great too, solid quality and whenever I visit the store I want to buy something! I think that's because I know they do quality at a fair price and I like that feeling.

The Edinburgh store is in the heart of the city in the St James Shopping Centre, located in Leith Street at the east end of Princes Street.

John Lewis is a true home store which means that there's everything from small to large sofas (available in 50 shapes and 400 fabrics) to dining tables, shelves, small and big tables, great colourful rugs, wallpaper, lightings, etc. And yes, you can create your perfect sofa.

I really like the fabrics and curtains department (I know!). Fantastic and vibrant colours in many sizes all coming with an impeccable quality and finish. My latest find is the curved wooden shutters. Each panel can be independently adjusted to temper the light as they are divided into independently-controlled sections. A marvel of engineering. Seriously, I never saw before a shutter that matches the shape of a curved window.

If like my other half you love cooking for family and friends then have a look at the kitchen department. I was looking at recipe books when I caught sight of the Le Creuset limited edition Coquelle Casserole (a unique and exclusive commemorative products to mark John Lewis’ 150th anniversary). I must say that, if I had a cookware like that at home even me could cook! It is made of cast iron which means it keeps food warm at the table for longer and requires only low to medium heat sources and, it does look great in volcanic or teal colours!.

Because summer's coming, even in Scotland, I went to their outdoor department. Furniture looked great and I thought there was something for every budget. Better even, you don’t have to buy the whole range. If you’re only looking for a table or 1 chair then no problems.

Feels like I should work there! Enjoy!

For more info on John Lewis in Edinburgh visit the topic on Department stores .

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