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Employment & Benefits in Scotland

There are many reasons why this section might be relevant to you. Perhaps you’ve just arrived in Scotland and you want to get a (good) job straightaway or you have a job but you want to know what financial help is available to contribute toward nursery costs. Or perhaps you’ve been here for a while and are still looking for a job and you want to know what benefits you are entitled to.

From where to start to find a job to the various help and support - financial or otherwise - available, from the information that should not go into a CV to what should most definitely go, this section is for you. 

I have put in here tips, advice and links to some websites to give you a proper chance to find a “real” job - some of them are to be expected whilst others might not necessarily be on your radar. I’ll say it again, Scotland is a fantastic place to live and which offers real employment opportunities.

It is all about breaking the myth that still exists on the continent that if you’re a foreigner, the best job you can hope to find in the UK – and Scotland - is in the hotel/catering industry and at a low paid grade. It simply is not.

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Employment & Benefits

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