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Edinburgh Farmers' Market 

You'll find 46 Farmers’ Markets operating across Scotland with new ones being set up regularly.

Market calendar

The award-winning Edinburgh Farmers’ Market takes place every Saturday of the month between 9.00 and 14.00 at Castle Terrace under the imposing backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.

Tel: (0044) (0)131 652 5940

Local organic farmers, growers and producers

Over 60 local specialist producers currently attend the market and the majority of stallholders are primary organic food producers, growing local food. 

A quarter offer organic meat products, including specialties such as venison and water buffalo. Organic beef, chicken, lamb and pork are also available. 

Other types of fresh local produce include:

•fish (lobster in season)

•free-range eggs (including duck eggs)


•seasonal fruit & vegetables, honey, chillies and plants. 

In addition you'll find producers who bake and prepare their own organic farm products. Guest producers provide specialities including organic beer, liqueurs, bread, chocolates and chutneys.

did-you-know.png Did you know?

A Farmers’ Market is a market where farmers, growers and producers from throughout Scotland sell their produce direct to the public. All foods/products sold are grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked, or made/prepared by the producer. The emphasis is on freshness, quality and value for money.

Buying locally means you can ask how the food is produced and grown and at the same time customer feedback is appreciated by the producer. Buying locally reduces food miles and the supply chain from field to fork. This puts money back into the local economy, sustaining and creating jobs.

To find most of Farmers’ Markets in Scotland visit the Scottish farmers' website to check if there is one where you are. 

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